Pennsylvania – 7th in U.S. Technology Employment

Pennsylvania is 7th in the Nation in Technology Employment. Tech America Foundation  has Completed Their Study of the United States Technology Industry. Tech America’s Cyber States Study Looks at Technology Employment, Wages and Important Metrics in the United States as a Whole and in all 50 States Individually.

Important Results of the Study Include: 

The Technology Industry in Pennsylvania Employs Approximately 4.3% of Pennsylvania’s Workforce

Pennsylvania‘s Technology Industry Created 3500 New Jobs in 2012

Pennsylvania’s Technology Industry Pays Employees $18 Billion in Annual Wages

Technology Workers in Pennsylvania Earn 85% More Than Pennsylvania’s Average Private Sector Wage

There are 14,200 Tech Businesses in Pennsylvania including Research and Development, Testing Laboratories, Electronic Components Manufacturing and Engineering Services

National Results Include: 

Total United States Technology Employment was 5.95 Million in 2012

Technology Employment Rose in 2012 by 1.1% or 67,400

Employment in Software Services Increased 3.5% or 63,900

The Technology Industry’s Payroll Was $558 Billion in 2012

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