Retirement Plans

If You Operate a Business or Non-Profit Organization And:

  • You are Not Happy with Your Existing Retirement Plan.
  • You are Considering Establishing a New Retirement Plan.
  • You are Looking for Investment Advice for Yourself or Your Employees Regarding Your Retirement Plan.

The Investment Advisor can help you. The Investment Advisor does not sell financial products and services. The Investment Advisor Provides Unbiased, Third Party Investment Advice.

The Investment Advisor Can Help Your Company or Organization Evaluate Your Existing Plan or Propose a New Plan By:

  • Reviewing Your Retirement Plan Investment Options.
  • Reviewing the Design of Your Retirement Plan.
  • Assessing the Costs of Your Retirement Plan.
  • Provide Advice about You and Your Employees Choices of Investments Within Your Retirement Plan.
  • Help You Put in Place the Necessary Due Diligence, Policies and Processes Necessary to Help Protect You from Liability Associated With Your Retirement Plan.
  • Help Advise You Regarding Your Fiduciary Status When Providing and Operating Your Retirement Plan.

The Investment Advisor Will Provide You With Advice and Guidance About:

  • The Creation and Selection of Documents Governing Your Retirement Plan.
  • Advice Regarding the Selection of Investments for Your Retirement Plan.
  • Personalized and Ongoing Investment Advice and Education for You and Your Employees.
  • Monitoring the Performance of Your Investments Within Your Retirement Plan.
  • Guidance and Quarterbacking Involving All Relevant Parties to the Administration and Operation of Your Retirement Plan.
  • Your Role and Responsibilities Necessary to the Operation of Your Retirement Plan.

The Investment Advisor Advises and Consults about:

401(k) Plans for Companies and Corporations Plans for Non-Profits
403(b) Plans
Simplified Employer Plans (SEP) KEOGH Plans
Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees of Small Employers Plans (SIMPLE) Profit Sharing Plans
Money Purchase Plans Non-Qualified Plans

Non-Qualified plans are Retirement Plans that allow you to offer specialized savings and investment plans as a benefit exclusively for Officers, Owners, Managers and Key Employees of your company or organization such as:

  • Deferred Compensation Plans
  • Employee Savings and Investment Plans