Financial Planning

Financial Planning Can Help You:

  • Determine the Purposes for Which You Need to Invest and Save
  • Decide How Much You Need to Invest and Save
  • Establish What Rate of Return You Must Earn to Achieve Your Goals
  • Determine Your Needs for Growth and Income
  • Analyze Cash Flow and Income Created by Your Investments
  • Control the Level of Risk You Take to Achieve Your Goals
  • Assess if Your Goals are Realistic

When these concerns are addressed The Investment Advisor can help you balance considerations such as:

Risk Growth Long Term Planning Recovery
How Much Risk Do I Take to Create the Income I Need? How Much Do I Put Aside Today to Ensure My Children Can Go to College? How Much Do I need to Save and Invest to Accumulate Enough for My Retirement? How Do I Recover From a Drop in the Value of My Portfolio?

Financial Planning Helps You:

  • Outline Your Goals and Objectives and Your Reasons for Investing.
  • Determine Time Frames for Investing Your Portfolio.
  • Establish the Degree of Risk, Volatility, Fluctuation and Rate of Return Acceptable in the Value of Your Investments.
  • Govern Security and Investment Selection for Different Time Horizons Defined by Your Goals and Objectives.

Your Financial Plan will be summarized in a written document delivered to you and will reflect your current financial circumstances, financial outlook and personal objectives. In consultation with you the Financial Planning Services provided may include some or all of the following areas depending on your goals and objectives. It is understood the information you provide for the creation of your Financial Plan represents a snapshot of your current financial status and should be updated on an annual basis. The Investment Advisor will also help facilitate discussions with your attorney, accountant, personal advisors and family members as needed and upon your request.

The Financial Planning Services The Investment Advisor offers include:

  1. Investment Planning
  2. Education Planning
  3. Retirement Planning
  4. Estate Planning
  5. Asset Protection
  6. Retirement Plans (Qualified and Non-Qualified)

The Financial Planning Services of The Investment Advisor are limited to recommending strategies for you. In all matters, Financial Planning Services are analytical and advisory only and do not include any legal or accounting services. The Investment Advisor may recommend you consult with your attorney and accountant. The Investment Advisor will implement only the portions of your plan that relate to the management of your Investment Portfolio at your request.