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Pennsylvania Natural Gas Development

PennEast Pipeline Company Recently Announced Plans to Construct a 100-Mile Natural Gas Pipeline That Will Begin in Luzerne County, PA and End at the Trenton-Woodbury Interconnection in New Jersey. The Pipeline is Designed to Provide Natural Gas Service to About...

Property Taxes

Property Tax Elimination Bill Will Shift New Burdens to Pennsylvania Employers; Read the Full Story at: would_shift_new_tax_burdens_to_Pa_employers.php The Investment Advisor- Helping Individuals, Families, Business and Non Profit Organizations in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Economy

The Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry has Released Their 2013 Pennsylvania Annual Economic Survey. You Can Review the Results of the Survey at The Investment Advisor-Helping Individuals, Families, Business and Non-Profit Organizations in Pennsylvania

Retirement Plan Reform in Pennsylvania

On May 7th Governor Corbett Released His Public Pension Reform Plan. This Plan and Newly Introduced Bills in the Pennsylvania House and Senate Proposes to Convert Pennsylvania’s Defined Benefit Plan to a 401k Style Retirement Plan. The Bills are Being...

Property Rights in Pennsylvania

The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Reaffirmed the Dunham Rule with respect to property rights. This Case Involved a Deed Executed in 1881 that reserved to the Grantor one half the minerals and petroleum oils. The Dunham Rule Asserts natural gas...