Investment Philosophy

The Investment Philosophy of The Investment Advisor is Based on a View of the Resilience of the American Economy.

The Investment Advisor Believes In:

The Underlying Strength and Vitality of the American Economy


Despite the Economic Turmoil the United States and Other Parts of the World Have Experienced that the Underlying Principles of Investing Have Not Changed.

The Investment Advisor Believes that in Periods of Economic Instability and Economic Restructuring the Tactics of Investing Need to Reflect the Additional Risk Investing During Such Periods Entails. The Investment Advisor is:

  • Committed to the Preservation of Your Principal as a Primary Goal When Making Recommendations About Your Portfolio.
  • Believes in a Total Return Philosophy Realizing Dividends and Interest Income Can Provide Support for the Value of a Portfolio and Increase Total Return.
  • Understands Alternative Asset Classes such as Commodities and Real Estate are Important to the Overall Value of Your Portfolio.
  • Poised to Help You Take Advantage of Opportunities.
  • Dedicated to Achieving Your Investment Goals within the Context of Preserving Your Principal.

The Investment Advisor believes Your Financial Health depends on:

The Investment Advisor Seeks to Provide You with Objective Advice and Information so You Can Make Informed Decisions. The Investment Advisor Provides Recommendations to You, but Ultimately You Determine Which Recommendations are Accepted and Implemented.

The Investment Advisor is Committed to Making Recommendations About Your Investments that Preserve Your Principal, Safeguard Your Assets and Help You Achieve Your Financial Goals.