Types of Accounts Managed

Investment Advice Regarding Investing in:

  • Personal Accounts
  • Joint Accounts
  • Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA’s)
  • Accounts for the Education of Your Children and Grandchildren (529 Plans, Custodial Accounts, Educational Trusts and Coverdell IRA’s)
  • Trust and Estate Accounts
  • Business and Corporate Accounts
  • Retirement Plan Accounts
  • Restricted Stock
  • Employee Stock Options

Retirement Plans

Investment Advice Regarding Investing in and Creation of:

  • Simplified Employer Plans (SEP)
  • Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees of Small Employers Plans (SIMPLE)
  • Money Purchase Plans
  • KEOGH Plans
  • Profit Sharing Plans
  • Plans for Non-Profits 403(b)
  • 401(k) Plans