Wealth Management

You have amassed significant wealth over the course of your life. Your smart and business savvy. Your needs have changed. You want to protect what you have accumulated and ensure you will be able to generate the income you need to live the life you want. You’re looking for a firm you can trust. An Advisor you can partner with. One who feels your interests are as important as their own.

The Investment Advisor can help you with this transition. You may be:

  • A Business Owner Who Needs Help Managing Your Business and Your Personal Assets.
  • Have Sold Your Company and Looking for an Investment Firm to Advise You in Ways to Generate Income, Help You Minimize Your Tax Liability Resulting From Your Investments and Pass Your Assets to Your Family.
  • Retiring and Looking for Help in Managing a Significant Distribution From Your Retirement Plan.
  • Inherited Assets From Your Family and Now are Faced With the Task of Investing These Assets.
  • A Busy Corporate Executive That Has Special Needs Such as Exercising Stock Options, Selling Restricted Stock and Managing Risk in Your Portfolio.
  • Dissatisfied With the Way Your Investment Professionals Have Been Managing Your Portfolio and Looking for a New Firm to Help.

Wealth Management is the process by which you manage, invest and preserve your assets. It is a much different mind-set than the one which helped you grow your investments. Now is the time to think about locking in the gains you have made over your lifetime. Putting in place the planning and vehicles which you allow you to generate the income you want. Protecting your assets from potential creditors and helping those you love benefit from your lifetime of hard work.

The Process of Wealth Management includes:

Planning Entity Creation Asset Protection Gifting
Creating a Blueprint for Investing the Assets You Have Accumulated over Your Lifetime. Helping You Engage Your Attorney and Accountant in a Dialogue Designed to Help You Create the Legal Entities Necessary to Minimize Taxes, Pass on Your Assets to Your Heirs and Create the Income You Want to Live On. Bullet proofing Your Net Worth by Protecting Your Assets from Potential Creditors Who May Seek to Lay Claim to Them. Ensure Your Legacy by Gifting Assets to Your Family and Causes You Believe In.


Risk Registration Business Interests Tax Concerns
Helping You Manage Risk In Selecting Investments Which Conform to the Strategies Under Which You Create Your Accounts and Designate You’re Beneficiaries, While Creating the Income You Need. Choosing Investments for Assets Which May be Held in Personal, Joint Name, Retirement Plan and Trust. Helping You Manage Investments Held in Your Business such as Cash, Bond and Stock accounts to Retirement Plan Assets, Deferred Compensation Plans and Concentrated Positions Accumulated Over Long Periods of Time. Helping You Select Investments Which May Minimize Your Tax Liability Across the Range of Investments Which Comprise Your Portfolio and Help You Create Income.

The Investment Advisor Believes Wealth Management is where you protect you and your family’s life interests by:

  • Organizing Title and Registration of Your Investment Accounts.
  • Balance Your Needs for Growth and Income.
  • Choose and Implement Your Beneficiary Designations.
  • Plan for Your Children’s and Grandchildren’s College Education.
  • Minimize Your Tax Liability.
  • Gift Assets to Your Family and Causes You Believe In.
  • Protect Your Assets From Potential Creditors.
  • Decide if the Benefits of Forming a Trust Achieve Your Goals.
  • Choose Investments Which Incorporate This Planning Into Your Overall Investment Strategy.

The Investment Advisor does not provide legal or accounting advice. In all cases the strategies the Investment Advisor recommends are analytical and advisory only. The Investment Advisor helps you implement investment strategies where such planning as described above is used. The Investment Advisor can help you choose investments and house investments in certain titles and account registrations which may have a positive impact with regards to your tax considerations.

The Investment Advisor does not advocate engaging in investment activity for the purpose of tax avoidance. The Investment Advisor believes as a client you have unique goals and needs. Each concern being just one determinant of the final strategy which is selected. As a client you must balance your needs for growth, income, tax consequences, asset ownership, asset control, beneficiary concerns and rights, gifting and fiduciary responsibilities. As a registered investment advisor The Investment Advisor is bound to represent your interests as a client. Part of this role involves advising you of the benefits which may accrue to you by engaging in advanced planning concepts. By necessity some of these concepts require consultation with your attorney and/or accountant. In many cases consultation with an attorney and/or accountant that specializes in this type of planning may be recommended. The Investment Advisor at your request will participate in these discussions with your attorney and accountant. This participation will help you and The Investment Advisor implement your choice of strategies developed in consultation with your attorney and accountant. In turn The Investment Advisor will recommend investments for your choice of strategies with respect to your investment accounts.

The Investment Advisor believes one of its primary responsibilities is to advise and educate you as to the reasons why you may or may not want to engage in such planning. Promoting transparency and providing the tools and information to you to make these types of decisions is paramount to The Investment Advisors duty and obligation in fulfilling its fiduciary responsibilities to you.