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Uncertainty. It’s a Sign of the Times We Live in. If Your Concerned about the Value of Your Savings and Investments in Your Retirement Plan, the Value of the Your Children’s College Education Savings and Investment Accounts, the Value of Your Trust, the Safety of the Income You Receive from Your Dividend and Interest Payments and the Value of Your Personal and Joint Accounts then it be May Worth Your While to Think Through Your Investment Philosophy, Strategy and Tactics Relative to the Amount of Risk You May Be Taking.

Risk Takes Many Forms. In Just the Last Few Years We Have Seen Systemic Risk as We Have Watched Financial Institutions Fail Due to Declines in the Value of the Underlying Assets Upon Which Their Investment and Income Streams Were Based.

We are Witnessing Political Risk Threaten the Credit Worthiness of the United States as a Sovereign Nation and Financially Terrorize Our States, Cities, Municipalities and Local Governments. State Retirement Systems Have Become Underfunded to the Degree the Solvency of These Retirement Plans Are Not Certain.

The Scarcity of Resources has Led to Political Gridlock in Washington Which Threatens to Undermine the Major Tenants Upon Which Our Economy and the Markets Have Been Built. These Include Predictability, a Safe and Secure Financial Infrastructure, a Stable Currency, Stable Prices for Goods and Services, an Equitable System of Taxation, Reasonably Priced Energy to Heat our Homes and Drive our Cars, a Well Maintained Physical Infrastructure and Transportation System.

Ultimately, the Risks to the Value of the Savings and Investments in Your Portfolio Spans the Spectrum from Systemic Risk, Market Risk, Political Risk, Liquidity Risk, Interest Rate Risk, Regulation Risk, Valuation Risk and Purchasing Power Risk.

This Type of Environment Requires Careful Planning for Investors to be Successful. If Your Invested in Your 401k or 403b Retirement Plan, Investing for the Education of Your Children, Saving for a Home, Using Your Savings and Investments to Create Income During Your Retirement, Creating or Managing Your Retirement Plan for your Company, Non-Profit or Yourself, Figuring out How to Preserve the Value of Your Investments to Transfer them to your Loved Ones and Protect Your Assets From Potential Creditors Who May Seek to Lay Claim to Them–Then You Are an Investor and You May be Affected by These Concerns.

Below Are a Number of Questions You May Want to Ask Yourself and Know the Answers to. These Questions May Help You Solidify and Crystalize the Process of Putting in Place Your Savings and Investment Philosophy, Strategy and Tactics to Protect and Grow Your Savings and Investment Accounts. They Represent a Starting Point for Such Planning. Not an Endpoint. The Process is Ongoing. They Are Also Not a Substitute for Legal, Accounting and Investment Counsel.

1.  How Much Cash Do I Need to Have on Hand to Meet Immediate and Short Term Expenses?

2.  Do I Understand How My Savings and Investments are Protected in the Event of a Default by My Financial Institution?

3.  Do I Understand the Length of Time it Will Take to Receive Funds from FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) and SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation) in the Event My Financial Institution Defaults?

4.  Have I Considered How Events Like a Government Shutdown and a United States Government Default May Affect This Insurance?

5.  If I am Holding Savings and Investments Above the Thresholds Set and Covered by FDIC and SIPC Does My Financial Institution Carry  Private Insurance That Protects Me for Amounts Above These Thresholds?

6.  How Are My Savings and Investments Positioned to Protect Against a Credit Downgrade of the United States, a Fall in the Value of the Dollar, an Increase In Interest Rates and Possible Inflation or Deflation?

7.  Have I Clearly Defined the Purposes for Which I am Saving and Investing and Have I Separated my Assets Into the Types of Accounts Which Allow Me to Manage These Assets for Their Respective Purposes?

8.  Do I Understand the Level of Risk I am Taking with my Portfolio and am I Comfortable With it?

9.  Do I Understand the Relationships Between Growth, Risk, Compounding and the Rate of Return I am Attempting to Achieve and Over What Time Frame I am Attempting to Achieve it?

10. What is My Plan to Protect the Investments in My Retirement Plan Against Loss Due to Market Fluctuation?

11.  Am I Properly Diversified Across Asset Classes and Do I Understand the Range of Risk Management Strategies to Help Mitigate Risk in My Portfolio?

12.  Have I Done a Risk/Reward Cost Benefit Analyses Between the Yields My Dividend Producing and Fixed Income Investments Produce and the Corresponding Risk to My Principal Investment?

13.  Have I Reviewed How and Where to Position Some of My Savings and Investments in Foreign and Non-Dollar Denominated Assets?

14.  Do I Understand the Value of Hedging my Investments as Insurance Against Having to Sell at Possible Fire Sale Prices?

15.  Do I Understand the Role Hard Assets Such as Precious Metals, Agricultural and Other Commodities and Real Estate Play in My Portfolio?

16.  Have I Examined How Different Classes of Investments May Perform in Different Parts of the Economic Cycle?

17.  Have I Created a Plan to Protect My Assets if Someone Attempted to Lay Claim to Them Such as a Creditor, Court Judgment, Divorce, Automobile Accident or Business Liability and I Have Secured an Attorney to Create the Entities to Help Me Accomplish This?

18. Have I Evaluated How Taxes, Fees and Expenses Associated with my Investments Affect My Return and Have I Secured the Professionals to Help Me do so?

The Investment Advisor Provides Portfolio Management, Wealth Management, Retirement Plan Consulting, Estate Planning and Financial Planning Services. The Investment Advisor Helps Individuals. Companies and Non-Profit Organizations Manage Their Company Sponsored Retirement Plan Accounts Such as their 401k, 403b, Profit Sharing KEOGH, SEP- IRA, SIMPLE-IRA , Traditional IRA and Roth IRA Accounts.

The Investment Advisor Helps Families and Individuals Manage Their Estate Plans and the Resulting Entities That Are Created as a Result of Such Planning Such as Trust Accounts, Family Limited Partnerships, Education Accounts, Personal and Joint Accounts and Helps Families and Individuals Implement Their Beneficiary Designations.

The Investment Advisor Also Helps Parents and Grandparents Save and Invest for Their Children’s and Grandchilden’s College Education Savings and Investment Accounts Including Custodial, 529 Plan, Education IRA and Trust Accounts.

The Investment Advisor Does Not Provide Legal or Accounting Advice. The Investment Advisor Does Help it’s Clients Secure Attorneys and Accountants so They May Have Access to Legal and Accounting Advice. The Investment Advisor Works With Your Accountant and Attorney to Help You Implement and Incorporate Their Recommendations Into Your Savings and Investment Portfolio.


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