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Focus on the Numbers: Like any Good Business Person You Use Numbers to Measure the Financial Health of Your Business and Your Household. The Federal Government Also Uses Numbers to Measure the Growth and Health of the Economy. Several Months Ago the Federal Government Announced an Initiative to Make the Information Resources of the Federal Government Available to Business. A Good Example of This is the United States Census Bureau’s App Which Makes the Econometric Numbers Reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics Available Through the App the Moment They are Released. These Numbers Make Up a Good Portion of the Economic Calendar and are Comprised of 19 Statistics Used to Monitor the Economy. These included Measures Ranging from Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Housing, Manufacturing, Unemployment, Inflation, Personal Income, International Trade and More.

You May Have Also Heard that Certain Economic Reports such as the University of Michigan Consumer Confidence Survey Have Been Released a Second or Two Early to Large Institutional Investors Such as Hedge Funds, Private Equity and Others for a Fee. This Begs the Question are All Investors Operating on an Even Playing Field or are Some Investors Being Given an Unfair Advantage?

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), the Department of Justice (DOJ), and other Federal Agencies Have Been Busy Over the Last Number of Years Shoring up the Nation’s Financial Regulations. Many Have Argued the Onerous Burden Such Regulations Impose on Securities and Investment Firms Mandated by Dodd-Frank and Other Laws. These Regulations Combined with Stepped Up Oversight of the Investment Community by the SEC, the CFTC, the DOJ and other Federal and State Agencies Have had the Effect of Exposing Firms Such as: SAC Capital for Insider Trading , JP Morgan Chase Over the London Whale Trades, Goldman Sachs for Conflicts of Interest and Self-Dealing, Bank of America for Securities and Mortgage Violations and  the Exposure of a Number of Various Ponzi Schemes and Securities Law Violations Stemming From the Financial Crisis too Numerous to Mention Here.  These Enforcement Actions Have Resulted in Prosecution, Criminal Convictions and Fines Sending a Message the Laws Will be Enforced.

The Nation is Systematically Working Through Issues Affecting the Operational Integrity and Fairness of the Financial Markets from Securities to Credit to Lending.  The Markets Have Been in a Healing Process for Several Years. The Evidence Showing Rising Asset Values in Housing, Securities, GDP and the Recent Debate by the Federal Reserve to Start an End to Quantitative Easing is Evidence of the Improvement.  As the Country Continues to Work Through This Restructuring the Cumulative Effect of Regulation and Enforcement is Helping to Restore the Health of the Financial Markets Over Time. Given this Approach the Financial Markets and the Economy Will Continue to Improve Despite the Fact There are Still Issues Yet to be Resolved.

Government Economic Information Released Through Apps Like the One Made available by the Bureau of the Census and the Bureau of Labor Statistics as Well as the Federal Government’s Open API (Which Allows Direct Feeds of Government Information to Business, Institutions and Small Investors Who Wish to Avail Themselves of it) is Released the Moment the Government Reports This Information to the Public. You Become Among the First to Receive This Information Electronically if You Have Downloaded the App or Have Set Up Feeds Through the Open API. Access to Information in This Manner While Not Granting Early Access May Serve to Level the Investment Playing Field as Those Who Have Set Up Access are Informed as Fast as Legally Possible.

Fast Access to Government Information Which May Move Markets Delivered Through an App on Your Smart Phone, Tablet, Through a Feed to Your Desktop or IT Network Will Allow You to Access Information on a Timely Basis Helping to Keep You Well Informed.

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