Health Care:

Health Care: How Will the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Affect You? The Pennsylvania State Wide Health Insurance Exchange Goes Into Effect in 2014. The Affordable Care Act has Been Phasing in Over 2012 and 2013. More Takes Effect in 2014. The Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry has Created a Policy and Issue Brief. It Gives You a Great Overview of How this Law May Affect Your Business. You Can Review This at  The Investment Advisor-Exclusively Serving Business, Families and Non-Profits in Pennsylvania.
Have You Considered How the Cost of Health Care Affects Your Investment and Retirement savings? The Affordable Care Act Establishes a 3.8% Tax for Couples with Incomes of 250k or More and Individuals with Incomes of 200k or More on Unearned Income (translated investment income) Including: Capital Gains, Interest, Dividends, and Other Net income, Including Some Profits From Investments and in Partnerships and S-Corporations. This Directly Reduces Your Returns From Your Investments. The Implication is That Selling High Performing Investments and Realizing Capital Gains and Investing for Income May Reduce Your Net Income if You Fall Into These Income Categories. It is More Important Than Ever to Look at Strategies That Allow You to Determine the Most Advantageous Holding Period for your Securities, the Most Advantageous Types of Accounts to Hold Your  investments in (Taxable vs. Non Taxable such as Your IRA, or Retirement Plan), and Gifting Strategies That Allow You to Benefit From Your Investments During Your Lifetime. These Concerns Need to be Balanced Against the Amount of Income You Need to Live On, Your Projected Expenses Now and in Retirement Including the Cost of Your Health Care. You May Benefit by Engaging Your Accountant, Attorney and Investment Advisor in This Type of Discussion.  The Investment Advisor-Exclusively Serving Families, Business and Non-Profits in Pennsylvania.