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Get Back on Track:

Economic forecasts are calling for falling GDP, rising interest rates and inflation.

Forecasts say GDP will hit 3.1% for 2018 and fall to 1.7% by 2022.

The yield curve has inverted with short term interest rates rising above long term interest rates as the Federal Reserve continues to raise rates.

Signalling a possible recession within two years.

Fueling inflation.

Large swings in the market have again become common place.

Have you positioned your investments to reflect this type of economic situation?

As fixed income values fall when interest rates rise will your net worth decline?

As GDP falls how will that effect the value of your stocks, mutual funds, ETF’s and Real Estate?

Are you prepared to manage the risk?

Will you grow your net worth?

Will you create the income you need?

This is why we are inviting you to take advantage of our Get Back on Track Coupon.

It’s our way of offering you a second opinion. With a complimentary consultation at no charge.

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Get Back on Track