Investing in Bonds-A Bond Primer

Bonds Are an Integral Part of Our Economy and Your Investment Portfolio. Bonds Help Set Interest Rates and Rates on Mortgages, Credit Cards and Loans. When Used Properly Bonds Can be an Important Asset Class in Your Investment Portfolio. Bonds Have Also Been at the Center of Many Economic Issues. When Used Improperly Bonds Can Create Havoc in the Economy. This Presentation is Designed to Give You a Working Knowledge of What Bonds Are and How They Work.

With the Feds Increases in Interest Rates and the the Markets Rise it is More Important Than Ever to Understand Bonds and How They Impact Your Investment Portfolio.

The Presentation is a Few Years Old, But the Principles Remain the Same. It Will Also Serve as a Reminder About Where The Economy Came From and How Bonds Can be an Early Warning Indicator.

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