According to Fidelity it takes 300k out of pocket to fund your health car in retirement . The Investment Advisor believes in today’s world, given the rising cost of healthcare, the rising cost of health insurance and rising out of pocket expenses. It is necessary to help you secure your financial position against loss due to health concerns and catastrophic illness. The Investment Advisor believes, it is necessary for you to develop a strategy and process to consider the cost of health insurance, the cost of healthcare not covered by insurance and how you will secure the needed medical expertise you may require.

Therefore, discussions centering around Investment and Financial Planning, at the family, individual and business level, may involve consultations about how you will finance your healthcare. Investment Planning may include allocation of savings and investment funds to help you cover healthcare expenses.

The Investment Advisor will make recommendations to you about Health Insurance Providers. The Investment Advisor will also make recommendations to you about Flexible Spending Accounts, Health Savings Accounts and other types of accounts which you may find useful in considering how you will finance your healthcare. Asset Protection strategies may also be recommended.

The firm also engages in capital raising activities to fund regenerative medical research.