About Us

The Investment Advisor is a Registered Investment Advisor registered in the State of Pennsylvania. Louis Wolkenstein is the Managing Principal of the Investment Advisor. Louis Wolkenstein has extensive experience advising clients about their investments. Over a 20 year period he has advised clients at such firms as Shearson Lehman Hutton, Lincoln Investment Planning, Charles Schwab, H&R Block Financial Advisors and Morgan Stanley. He maintains certifications in Retirement Plans, Investment Management and Estate Planning from Charles Schwab where he received specialized training in these areas.

Lou has experience working with investors on matters pertaining to corporate governance and proxies at Georgeson and Company an investor relations firm. He also has experience in banking at Bank of America.

Lou has developed expertise in telecommunications, traditional and online marketing and e-commerce. He is currently employed by Web.com one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world, in addition to his activities as a Registered Investment Advisor.

Lou believes in the free flow of information and the exchange of ideas. That no one has a monopoly on points of view. Lou believes the best approach to help his clients achieve success is to foster a collaborative multidisciplinary atmosphere. Where clients of The Investment Advisor choose to become actively engaged in the management of their Investment Portfolio and bring their knowledge and past experiences to the table, Lou is happy to incorporate their knowledge and wisdom into the process. Additionally, Lou has extensive experience working with his client's accountants, attorneys and other professional advisors. In cases where clients of The Investment Advisor request, Lou is happy to help facilitate recommendations from these professionals and implement them within his clients' Portfolios.